About us

Van Haandel Metaal is a Dutch firm specialized in CNC turning and milling of mostly aluminium and plastics, with batch sizes of 25 to 25,000 pieces. We offer the complete package. Thereby Van Haandel Metaal and her employees always keep an eye on the quality of your products. The possibilities are immense, since beside CNC turning and milling of your products we also offer a large range of finishing processes which we take can arrange for you internally or externally, for example laser marking, pinstamping, anodizing, galvanization, chrome plating and much more (See Finishing processes in our Business activities). We can also handle the assembly of various parts for you. Products are always proper and safely packaged, so your products will be handed over to you exactly as you required.

Van Haandel Metaal delivers customized work for various branches, such as the automotive industry, agribusiness, construction industry and machine building. Most of our products are exported, to for example Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece and USA. Van Haandel Metaal is an excellent partner for machining the required products for you.

We would love to invite you to have a look at our website and with it the possibilities Van Haandel Metaal can offer you. In the case you might be aroused and interested, we would like to help you further on. For a price quote or other questions mail to info@vanhaandelmetaal.nl. We are looking forward to our future collaboration!

Our team

Van Haandel Metaal has an enthusiastic team, which is dedicated to her clients and additional wishes. A nice mutual cooperation is important to achieve optimized products, but at the same time it assures a good working atmosphere. Van Haandel Metaal highly values a good cooperation and working atmosphere, so everyone can enjoy performing their work.

Van Haandel Metaal is also a educational company, in which young employees (who combine work and education) can profit from the experience and expertise of the others. A nice interaction between the young and the elder takes place, which makes our team very dynamic and always ready for the future.


‘’25 years is quite some time, but the time flies by when you are working together at a nice product. Always looking after the quality and delivery time has brought us to where we are now as a company.’’


‘’I’m just one of the colleagues as (the only) woman on the work floor. You are appreciated for your qualities and efforts. Everyone feels involved within the company through the short communication lines between the office and the work floor, which facilitates a good working atmosphere. We have a nice team in which young and old works together. There is also attention for activities outside work, which is always much appreciated.‘’


‘’Since September, 2015, a student is allocated to my department, who I help and counsel as well. It's nice to be able to pass on my knowledge to the new guys. I like the work I am doing here and there are many opportunities to further develop myself professionally.’’


Van Haandel Metaal is a company with great ambitions in delivered work. Our vision is to grow, as a production company, in automatic processes and excellent quality work by continuously improved internal processes. We strive to be a company that offers challenging work to her employees and differentiate itself by providing the client with first-rate quality products.

Our clients enable us to do our work. That’s why we want to serve them as good as possible with excellent quality and a good collaboration. To keep quality high, we improve our internal processes on a continuous base and make sure that we have the right facilities in-house. Expansion and renewal are central for this. To accomplish a good collaboration, we think it is important to have a structured and clear communication. We keep our internal communication lines short, so the client can directly come in contact with the right person. We are very customer focused and we will support our clients where needed. We always strive for a long-lasting relationship with our clients, one with which everyone is and will stay satisfied.

We also attach a lot of value to our employees. It is important to take care that we have the right employees, now and in the future. The correct layout of work is important for an efficient load balancing and the retention of employees. We focus on a good working atmosphere and the creation of a nice work environment. Within our company, the practical education of young employees also deserves much attention.

Our gaze is directed on the long term. This is reflected by our focus on education and retention of our employees and a long-lasting relationship with our clients. A steady grow as a company with excellent work is what we want to accomplish.


‘’The world is a fast-changing place. With the right communication we have to make sure that changes are timely identified so we can adjust as fast as possible.’’


‘’As first point of contact within the company, my goal is to create a large degree of satisfaction for our clients. I always aim for short response times regarding price quotations and order confirmations. Since 1989, I’m employed at this company and I have experience in all departments. This makes it possible for me to directly answer questions 99% of the time. So don’t hesitate to ask them!’’


2017 /

New website


2017 /

Expansion 530m2: U-shape


2015 /

Expansion 500m2


2014 /

Land purchase


2014 /

Engine fabricated


2014 /

30 year anniversary


2012 /

Expansion and new address


2012 /

Land purchase


2009 /

25th anniversary & Piston project started


2004 /

20th anniversary & new logo


2002 /

Open house day


2002 /

Expansion of the building


2001 /

24/7 Vision and automation


1995 /

Spin-off VHM


1995 /

New building Tuinstraat


1994 /

10 year anniversary


1993 /

Van Haandel Metaal


1992 /



1990 /

Van Haandel Metaalbewerkingsbedrijf


1989 /

5 year anniversary


1987 /

New office and factory


1984 /

Founding LPG service Boekel


Socially involved

Our opinion at Van Haandel Metaal is that it is important to give back to the (local) community. The society is important for everyone and in this way, Van Haandel Metaal, her employees and all others in society are direct or indirectly connected to each other. This connection ensures a nice interaction, but also responsibility for that connection. To contribute to the liveability in our community, Van Haandel Metaal supports several initiatives and sport clubs in Boekel. Besides that, we yearly donate a modest amount to multiple national medical institutions.