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We are specialized in turning and milling of aluminium and plastic components. Our goal is to unburden your company for the products you want to outsource. See at a glance where we stand for in our brochure.

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Curious about what we made so far?

You can see our many product examples (100+) on our product page.

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We supply to various sectors

For example to the automotive, agriculture, construction and engineering sectors. At our organization page you can read more about us.

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We work for domestic and companies abroad

We work for various customers in Germany, Austria, France, Denmark, United States and the Netherlands. Maybe we can mean something for you as well?

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Don't hesitate to contact us. We'll swiftly reply to your inquiry / question with a clear answer. That way you know where you stand and what you may expect from us.

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18 Juli, 2018

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21 Juni, 2018

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Van Haandel Metaal in an eye-blink; humourous video about our location Boekel

26 April, 2018

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